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  • Signal Splitter Box

    Signal Splitter Box
  • Signal Splitter Box

    Signal Splitter Box

Signal Splitter Box

by TexasGuitarWhiz - René Martinez.

Stevie Ray Vaughan used this because he trusted me with his tone. The idea was simple, yet a secret to many, specially in the non-professional world of guitar players.

His sound was all in his fingers. They did all the talking. But this tone came with a little help from me. Thousands of guitar players have wasted many hours twisting knobs looking for the tone in one amp. But Stevie used several amps simultaneously.
That's how we got that clean, deep piercing tone.

This Signal Splitter Box lets you send your original signal to as many as six different amps/devices at once.
The more amps you connect, the greater the range of tone you can achieve.

The plug has been purposefully modified only to provide GROUNDING...it is NOT for electric power!

Grounded, 6-way signal splitter box. Handmade in the USA. 

(Used by SRV).


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