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  • VIDEO - "The SRV Setup" Episode 4 - Digital download

    VIDEO -
  • VIDEO - "The SRV Setup" Episode 4 - Digital download

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VIDEO - "The SRV Setup" Episode 4 - Digital download

by TexasGuitarWhiz - René Martinez.


From the back of the DVD:
"I have had many letters, e-mails, and phone calls about my times with Stevie Ray Vaughan. I finally decided it was time to put something down on tape. But as time went on, I never found the time to do this until now. With today's technology, I was able to put on video stories about SRV, his life, guitars & amps and answer some questions people always had for me. I hoped to tell as much as I could in this first DVD. In this video, I will tell you about myself and how I got started into music, how I started in guitar repair, how I set-up Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar and set-up specs for setting up your guitar. I have strobe tuning tips, what to look for in a neck, the tools I use for setting up your guitar. I also show you what products I use to help you with your tone and maintenance of your guitar. I hoped to have touched the surface of some of these topics!..."

The video is in QUICKTIME FORMAT (MAC or PC). 
Duration: 5:09

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