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René Martinez-TexasGuitarWhiz Website-FaceLift!!

Published by Rene V Martinez on November 28, 2012 Comments: 0

 René Martinez- TexasGuitarWhiz, gets a new facelift to website-www.texasguitarwhiz.com. It started when René met Julian Hasse, webmaster. He wanted to sell his new DVD, not only in hard copies, but in digital file downloads. Julian stepped in to create the new site revamped to accommodate René's demands and set out to adjust the website format. In the new site you can still buy the guitar accessories from the old site with a new digital file download for purchasing the DVD-René Martinez/I Remember. You can buy the whole DVD or just certain chapters. In this DVD video, René talks about SRV stories. There are also pictures from René's personal collection. He includes in this DVD, labeled an instructional DVD, how to set-up your guitar using specs he developed and still uses today. You will be able to see these valuable specs and with a purchase get a free download of these specs. He shows how to strobe your guitar, going into extensive detail about strobing. He includes the SRV set-up that many people have been asking about. "I want to add video clips to this website, about guitar repair and tips that can help out in everyday applications", René says. You can also buy time with René, thirty minutes or sixty minutes. "Doing a live video chat with a customer I believe is a good idea!", René pointed out. "It's like going to the doctor and getting real information". But the real live chat is not just for guitar set-up, you can ask anything you want.

There is a new pedal for sale called The René Overdrive Pedal by Steve McKinley Electronics. René will have a video demonstrating the Overdrive Pedal! Be on the lookout for more information!

I hope to bring to this blog fresh news about guitar repair. I plan to show how I make a bone nut for all guitars. I use special tools for this and I plan to show everyone just how I do it!

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