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Big Core Strings/Why I designed These

Published by Rene V Martinez on January 20, 2013 Comments: 0

 Big Core Strings

I designed Big Core Strings to improve the tone and life of an electric guitar string set. I designed the round wound string to be a bigger core with a smaller round wound covering. The core would give you a bit more tone and life while the winding give you the  brightness or ring that you expect from a wound string. Strings go dead from the winding, when they begin to unravel from normal play. I designed the plain stings to be a half size bigger especially for the first string. When you stretch a .009, .010 or .011, they are no longer a true .009, .010, or .011. With the added half size, when you stretch a .0095, you still have a .009; and the same goes for the .0105, and .0115. You get to keep the same tone on those first strings.  

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